Massage Definitions

Swedish Massage:
Long, soothing strokes for relaxation and stress relief.
Deep Tissue Massage:
Deep muscle massage for relief from muscular tension and pain. Includes Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, Sports Massage.
Therapeutic Massage:
An outcome-oriented deep tissue treatment to release chronic pain patterns and correct muscular imbalances. Includes orthopedic medical massage, kinesiology muscle testing, and proprioceptive integration techniques.
Neuromuscular Therapy:
Deep treatment to release painful trigger points.
Myofascial Release:
For pain relief, softens and lengthens tightened muscle fascia.
Massaging areas on the feet to reflexly affect the body.
Pressure Point Release:
Sustained pressure to acupressure & trigger points.
Addressing the body's energy flow along meridians and acupressure points.
Releases blocked energy, increasing vitality.
Sports Massage:
Focus on muscle movement, increased flexibility.
Prenatal Massage:
Relaxing, decreases inflammation and discomfort.
Subtle techniques to free restrictions and enhance flow of cerebrospinal fluid.
Thai Massage:
Enhances the body’s energy flow through compression along energy lines and stretches.
A subtle energetic method that has a multi-level balancing effect that over time can be profound.
Using plant-derived essential oils to enhance massage.