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Our Therapists

At Healing Arts, we are proud to offer a team of very talented and experienced therapists with a wide variety of specialties. All therapists have received their training from state-licensed schools with a minimum of 500 hours of training, and annually pursue continuing education to stay on the cutting edge of effective massage and bodywork.

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Celeste Hamilton

Celeste Hamilton, B.S., NCTMB
Therapeutic Massage


Jennifer Skidmore, NCTMB
Deep Tissue & Swedish Massage

Mary Brown

Mary Brown, CMT
Swedish & Deep Tissue Massage


Karen Lauchlan, CMT
Therapeutic, Deep Tissue & Swedish Massage

Craig J. Parian

Craig Parian
Shiatsu & Thai Massage

Which Massage is Right for You?

I am often asked this question, and the best answer is that it depends on the person and their needs at the time. These needs can and do change, and so may the type of massage needed. This is why we offer a variety of massage specialties and therapists. Questions to ask yourself to help you determine which type will work best for you:

  • Do I have a lot of stress and just need to relax?
  • Do I like a gentle touch, or deeper pressure?
  • Do I have tight knots and lack flexibility?
  • Do I suffer from chronic pain and muscular imbalance?

Swedish Massage is deeply relaxing and good for the circulation. The pressure can be light or deep, depending on the preference of the client, but the main focus is relaxation with no pain.

Deep Tissue Massage is best for tight knots and lack of flexibility. It addresses the muscles more specifically with deep pressure and trigger point release, and can be a bit uncomfortable – but never beyond the clients comfort level. The focus is on releasing tight muscles and increasing flexibility.

Therapeutic Massage is best for chronic pain and muscular imbalance, as it blends some Swedish and Deep Tissue methods with advanced specialties, such as Orthopedic Massage, muscle testing, resistance exercise with stretch, and Craniosacral Therapy. The focus in on providing long-term pain relief, muscular balance and structural alignment.

Prior to receiving your massage, inform your therapist of how you are feeling and what your needs are, as well as if you like light or deeper pressure. Your massage will be customized to address your specific needs, and is usually a blend of various methods.

Come in and warm up in our cozy center and have a massage of your choice on our comfortable heated tables! See you soon!

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