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February 2014 E-newsletter


Happy Valentines Day

Boost Immunity with Regular Massage

During the cold winter months, people tend to be more susceptible to colds and flu. When our bodies are challenged by frigid temperatures, dry hot household air, and the stress of dealing with high amounts of snow at home and while driving, our stress levels increase and our immune systems can become weakened. There is definitely more work to be done in the winter, even when it comes to getting dressed – so many layers and boots!

Building a strong immune system is the best insurance against getting sick. Healthy eating, plenty of water, exercise, plenty of sleep, and food supplements to prevent deficiencies can all be helpful. Vitamins A, C, D, and Alpha Lipoic Acid (a fatty acid) are especially important to our immune systems.

A good natural, organic multi-vitamin mineral supplement is a must, as it can be challenging to get enough vital nutrition from food that is not fresh or locally grown during the winter months. One of my favorites is Super Supplement, which is loaded with all the essential vitamins and minerals in an herbal base.

There is also scientific research that shows the effects of massage on our immune system. Massage has been shown to increase the amount of Killer T cells that fight off foreign invaders in our bodies. Massage also promotes release of mood-enhancing endorphins into the blood – who can’t use a little more of this to help combat the grey days of winter?

Lastly, let’s not forget about the power of love – “All you need is love” the Beatles said. Love is a powerful, healing energy. This Valentine’s Day let’s remember the important people in our lives who share their love with us. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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