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March 2013 E-newsletter

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First Signs of Spring are All Around Us

  • Longer days.
  • More sunlight.
  • The robins are here.
  • Winds of change.
  • There’s an urge to get outdoors and be active.
  • Thoughts of a garden and planting seeds.
  • A strong desire to lighten the load and get in shape!

Spring means many different things to different people, and everyone celebrates it in one way or another.
March 9th – Daylight Savings Time
March 17th – St. Paddy’s Day -- Green is Good!
March 20th – Spring Equinox, the first day of spring -- the halfway point between the winter & summer solstice
March 31st – Easter Sunday, celebrating spring with Eggs & Bunnies (both symbols of new life and fertility) and the Christian celebration of Jesus rising from the dead (spiritual rebirth, ascension).

Spring is an excellent time to plan for the future as it is a very energetic season and often a time of change. Letting go of the old makes way for the new.

Body Cleansing for Health and Longevity

There is so much focus on fighting disease, medication and surgery that sometimes we forget to focus on building health for prevention of disease. Modern medicine certainly has it’s rightful place, but why not fight disease with the least invasive methods first?

Of course we all know diet and exercise is the starting point when building better health. There’s no pill or herb that can build your health if you aren’t putting healthy food into your body and drinking plenty of clean water. Food is the fuel, and exercise the machine that moves the nutrients through the body.

Besides building health with a proper diet, body cleansing is essential. It makes sense to clean the inside of our bodies periodically to help remove unprocessed food material, fiber, environmental pollutants and other debris, and to expel these same items that may be stashed in cells throughout the body. This can be achieved using herbs and nutrients that strengthen the body’s regular cleansing processes and help remove or neutralize toxins.

At Healing Arts, we carry only the highest quality Nature’s Sunshine cleanses, herbs and vitamins. Several user-friendly cleanses include:

  • CleanStart
  • Dieter’s Cleanse
  • Tiao He Cleanse
  • ParaCleanse

For more information click here, and for help finding a cleanse that’s best for you, schedule a Nutritional Consultation.

Your Massage "Spring Tune-Up"

Now’s the time to get your body in shape for the active months ahead. A good massage will help to improve your flexibility, lubricate your joints, and decrease inflammation. Massage also releases your body’s “feel good” endorphins for increased energy and a natural high.

“Celebrate Spring” Special

Come in during the month of March and receive $5 OFF all massages!

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Happy Spring!

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