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Fall Newsletter - 2015

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Celebrate AMTA's National Massage Therapy Awareness Week

(*From the September 2012 AMTA Enewsletter)

AMTA's 19th annual National Massage Therapy Awareness Week (NMTAW) is Oct. 25th - 31st! As part of AMTA's ongoing consumer awareness efforts, many AMTA members are planning to share the benefits of massage with their communities and to promote their practices.

During NMTAW, AMTA massage therapists across the country will promote the benefits of massage for health and wellness through massage demonstrations, educational events, special client promotions, social media posts and other awareness activities.

The association will reach out to national consumer news media and health care media to promote the benefits of massage therapy and the professionalism of AMTA members. Also, watch for release of the results of AMTA’s annual consumer survey on use of massage therapy!

Healing Arts’ Massage Therapy Awareness Special

*October 25th - 31st

During this week only, schedule a one hour appointment and receive $10 off!

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National Massage Therapy Awareness Week kicks off the start of our Holiday Special -- special begins October 25th!

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Choosing the Right Therapist

It is not often easy to find a massage therapist or massage center that is right for you. Finding a reputable establishment, with appropriate attire of the therapists, and ethical business practices can be challenging. Fortunately, in Michigan all massage therapists must be licensed. But even this is not necessarily a guarantee.

Licensure insures that the massage therapist has had entry-level training at a reputable massage school. That is a good start. New graduates often find a job at a massage franchise to develop some much-needed first-hand experience.

The good side of a franchise is the price – but know ahead of time you will probably have to commit to a monthly massage and have your credit card billed automatically whether you come or not! You will also most likely receive basic relaxation massage from a new therapist who is working up to 8 hours a day!

You may come away with the idea that that is what a massage is all about! But that is only the beginning – it may be a good place to start, but if you are looking for specific results you probably won't find it there.

I suggest inquiring first about licensure, and then about a therapist's amount of training and experience, as well as what methods the therapist specializes in. Has the therapist received additional training beyond basic massage school?

Ask yourself what kind of massage you are looking for – do you simply want to relax, or do you have deep muscular discomfort? Are you in chronic pain?

This is why at Healing Arts we offer three main types of massage – Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Therapeutic. All of our therapists are state-licensed, with varying degrees of additional training and experience. For more specific information, please check out our therapists at our website.

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