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Skin Breathing and Scrubs

Our skin is our largest organ and can be considered our third lung. Our skin breathes. It is alive and it has a rhythm, an inhalation and an exhalation. It absorbs (inhales) oxygen, nutrients, senses light, and regulates heat and cold. It releases (exhales) carbon dioxide, sheds dead skin cells and completely regenerates itself every 28 days. It protects our bones, organs and allows us to feel the power of sensation!

Healing Arts Massage Therapy - Plymouth Michigan Massage

In each square INCH of skin there are:

  • 65 hairs
  • 95-100 sebaceous glands
  • 78 yards of nerve fibers
  • 19 yards of blood vessels
  • 650 sweat glands
  • 9,500,000 cells
  • 1,300 nerve endings
  • 19,500 additional cells at the end of the nerve fibers
  • 78 sensory apparatuses for heat
  • 13 sensory apparatuses for cold
  • 160-165 pressure apparatuses for the perception of tactile stimuli

-excerpted Joel Gerson, Milady’s Standard Textbook for Professional Estheticians

Healing Arts Massage Therapy - Plymouth Michigan Massage

All scrubs at Healing Arts are hand-made by Massage Therapist and Esthetician Jennifer Skidmore. You may have seen her booth this fall at the Plymouth Farmer’s Market!

What we apply to our skin matters -- what starts on your skin winds up in your blood – this is why hormone and vitamin patches work.

At Healing Arts, we use food-based natural & organic products for our massages and facials. Most skin care lines, lotions and oils contain many synthetic chemicals, including lead! Read the ingredients (if you can understand them) . . . . If you can’t eat it, don’t apply it!

The skin is like an outer lung and the pores are seen as the “doors of Qi” (energy) according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. To maintain the body’s defensive energy (“Wei Qi”) and protect from pathogenic forces we must care for our first line of defense: our skin. Scrubs boost our immune system and keep clear the doorways of qi. Scrub this Fall season to cleanse, smooth, moisturize the skin and restore its natural balance.

Healthy Gift Baskets

Gift Baskets with a theme! Each basket includes one massage gift certificate, Body Lotion or Analgesic, Herbal Support, and a Scrub. Something for everyone!

Healing Arts Massage Therapy - Plymouth Michigan Massage    Healing Arts Massage Therapy - Plymouth Michigan Massage

#1 – Relax      Great for Stress!

One 30 minute Swedish Massage, Coconut Verbana Body Lotion, Kava Kava Herbal Support, and Hand-made Lavender Scrub. $90 Holiday Special Price

#2 – Release      For Muscular Tension!

One 30 minute Deep Tissue Massage, Biofreeze Analgesic, IF Relief Herbal Support, and Hand-made Pumpkin Scrub. $90 Holiday Special Price

#3 – Relief      For Pain!

One 30 minute Therapeutic Massage, Cryoderm Analgesic, Relief Herbal Support ,and Hand-made Margeurita Scrub. $98 Holiday Special Price

#4 – Renew      For Fatigue!

One 30 minute Shiatsu Massage, Tei Fu Lotion, EnergyV Herbal Support, Hand-made Beach Scrub. $92 Holiday Special Price

#5 – Sinus Relief      For Congestion!

One 30 minute Sinus Drain Massage, Breathe Free Aromatherapy, Histablock Herbal Support, Hand-made Spearmint Eucalyptus Scrub. $90 Holiday Special Price

*Custom Baskets      Create Your Own!

Choose your own items and Save 10% on the Retail Prices

Healing Arts Massage Therapy - Plymouth Michigan Massage

Check out our New and Simplified Online Gift Certificate Order Page, where you can now purchase by service or dollar amount!

Hope to see you soon this Holiday Season!

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