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Welcome to National Massage Therapy Awareness Week!

Our intent this week is to educate and promote the benefits of Massage Therapy in a bottom-line manner. There are so many different methods of “touching people for health” it can be confusing to know what will be best for you. No one method is “better”, they all have their place and time. It depends upon the needs of the client as to which methods are used, and of course that is determined by what the therapist perceives and the modalities they utilize.

Simply put, it all comes down to the focus of the session. If a client wants mainly to relax, the focus of the session will be to provide relaxation. The most popular method for this is Swedish Massage, which incorporates long, flowing strokes with comfortable pressure. It is a relaxing, meditative dreamy experience. Other relaxing methods include Polarity, Reiki, Prenatal, Therapeutic Touch.

If you feel tight all over and muscular discomfort, you may benefit more from a Deep Tissue Massage, where the focus here is to release tight restricted muscles. This method begins with Swedish Massage to warm up and soften the muscles, then employs firm pressure along specific muscles, releasing areas of ischemia and painful trigger points. Methods include Neuromuscular Massage, Myofascial Release, Reflexology.

If you suffer from chronic pain and muscular imbalance, the most effective method may be Therapeutic Massage. The focus here is outcome-oriented, and provides pain relief and muscular balance for more long-term results. A session begins with some Swedish Massage to warm and soften the muscles and relax the client, then moves into  Deep Tissue methods to release tight muscles and painful trigger points. It incorporates passive and active exercises -- resistive stretch and range of motion methods to reset muscular patterns, helping the client maintain the benefits of the treatment long after the treatment is done. Therapeutic methods include Orthopedic Massage, Strain Counter Strain, Muscle Energy techniques, Kinesiology Muscle Testing, Craniosacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage.

This week we will explore in more detail some of the different modalities and endless possibilities of your bodywork healing experience! Please join us each day to learn new ways of healing by “touching for health”.

In Celebration of this Special Week, we offer you $10 off all one hour and 90 minute massages, and $5 off all half hour massages – just mention this special!

*Special rates apply only during the week of October 20th – 26th, so schedule your appointment today! This may be the perfect time to try something new!  

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