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Day 2: Chronic Pain and Orthopedic Massage

If you are suffering with pain, Orthopedic Massage can be very effective in relieving and even eliminating most muscular aches and pains. Muscular pain can be caused from over-use, abuse, misuse or lack of use. With Orthopedic Massage, the focus is on providing muscular balance by relaxing overly tight muscles and strengthening opposing weak muscles – the muscles are addressed as groups.

Orthopedic massage resets dysfunctional muscular patterns that create painful trigger points with resistive exercise and stretch, then blends relaxing Swedish methods with Deep Tissue techniques. It is highly effective for even the most stubborn cases. Not only does this approach achieve muscular balance, it also provides long-term pain relief.

Appointments are available Monday through Thursday.

JoAnn Hill before


JoAnn Hill after


In the Words of Client JoAnn Hill

“I have had a severe shoulder and neck problem due to a birth injury. The range of motion in my left arm has been restricted and caused muscle spasms in my neck, shoulder and back. Through the years I have been a regular chiropractic patient and although that gave me some pain relief, it did nothing to improve the range of motion in my left arm.

Healing Arts Massage Therapy was recommended to me by a friend and after my first massage with Celeste, I noticed improvement. Subsequent massage therapy has increased my range of motion along with decreasing spasms. I never thought I would be able to lift my arm over my head but I'm now able to do it, without pain! Celeste now has a client for life and I will be enjoying life more with the benefits of massage therapy.”

Celeste Hamilton
Bachelors Degree in Health Science
Master Bodywork Therapist
Certified Nutritional Consultant

The owner of Healing Arts Massage Therapy, Celeste has a Bachelor's degree in Health Science from CMU. She graduated in 1980 from Irene's Myomassology Institute, and is a former instructor for Health Enrichment Center School of Therapeutic Massage, where she achieved Master Bodywork Therapist status. Much of her training was with Dr. Chaitow, Osteopathic Physician. Celeste also has had training as a Nutritional Consultant and Natural Health Professional.

Her specialties include Therapeutic Bodywork modalities: Neuromuscular Massage, Myofascial Release, Orthopedic Medical Massage, Kinesiology Muscle Testing, Proprioceptive Massage Techniques, and Oriental Therapies.

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