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Day #6: Body Energy Techniques & Reiki

Our bodies have an electromagnetic energy flow that can not only be felt and palpated, but measured with mechanical devices as well. Kirlian photography makes these fields visible to the naked eye. It can take years to develop the fine art of practicing these methods, as they require a superb sensitivity to the subtle energy flows.

Some examples of energy techniques include Acupuncture, Polarity, and Therapeutic Touch, which is practiced in many hospitals throughout the country by trained nurses. It can be an effective alternative for people who are too sensitive for actual physical touch, and is often used post-surgically. In Chinese Medicine, the thought is that if you first balance the body energy, the physical body will follow.

Energy work is done with very light touch or no touch at all. After receiving energy work you may feel a sense of well being, calmness, or more positive about daily struggles. It can also be combined with massage for a double dose of goodness.

Appointments available Saturday & Sunday till the end of October Only!

What does this mean? Our dear associate therapist is moving on with her life work. Mary is leaving Healing Arts and plans to work out of a caregiving facility where she will be able to focus more on Reiki and Reiki Massage with the elderly. This new work typifies the kind, caring person Mary is. We wish Mary the very best in her new direction, she will be sorely missed!

Mary Brown

Mary Brown
Certified Massage Therapist
Reiki Master

Mary graduated from Irene's Myomassology Institute in 2011, and has been with Healing Arts since then. She has received advanced training in Reiki, and has attained Reiki Master status.Her specialties include Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology and Reiki.

In the Words of Client Leis Miller

“My husband and I have used Healing Arts Massage many times now and are always happy with the results. This last time I had a Reiki Massage with Mary and it was wonderful. She was very professional and did a really nice job. Thank-you Mary!”

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